Saturday, December 3, 2016

What I've Learned Lately

I'm joining Emily P Freeman to share what I've learned lately.  We've been in full-blown survival mode for the past couple of months-- since the arrival of our miracle, Edith. So this installment of What I Learned is full of practical tips, and not much in-depth thought and contemplation.  Because, honestly, if I have a moment for in-depth contemplation I usually fall asleep.

Get Up Early Anyway

I love early morning hours. The house is quiet and I can hear my own thoughts. I am at my mental and creative best in the mornings, but I've gotten away from consistently getting up early since we've had a newborn in the house. But when I do I never regret it. Getting back to my morning routine is life-giving. So now that baby is sleeping a bit better at night, I've been getting up early anyway.  I may not be getting as much sleep as I'd like, but I know this is just for a season. When I sleep later I am bombarded by my day.  I wake up to hungry kids, diapers, chores and school with no time for me to connect with my Heavenly Father and myself.  I'm lucky to be able to take a nap in the afternoons sometimes, but even when I can't, I am fueled more by the things I'm able to do in the early morning quiet: scripture study, journaling, creating art, exercise, than I am by a bit more sleep.   

Boys Are Different Than Girls

This should be obvious, right?  But it's really, really true.  Case in point: we had a long car ride a couple weeks ago.  And how did my boys entertain themselves?  By smelling each others' feet.  No joke.  They took their shoes off and stuck their feet in each others' faces and laughed and giggled and repeated for  at least 20 minutes. Until the little one got too excited and accidentally bashed his brother in the nose and made it bleed.  What was my daughter doing during this time?  You can barely see her head in the back of the photo above.  She's ducked down, quietly reading a book.  Different.

Speaking of Feet, Sock Bags are Amazing

Laundry is my house-keeping nemesis.  And socks are the evilest of laundry henchmen.  But I've finally found a way to keep them in line, and I'm super stoked about it.  For years we've had a sock bin next to our shoe bins.  Any and all socks were tossed into this bin as they came through the laundry and when people wanted socks they had to dig through the bin to find a match.  Recently I had the brilliant idea to use mesh laundry bags for socks.  Each person has a bag hanging in their closet and all socks are placed into said bag when they are removed from feet. Bag is zipped and added to the cycle on laundry day.  The socks are washed and dried in a contained space and they all come out together in the end.  They are folded and placed in drawers and people no longer have to dig for matches.  It feels luxurious and easy at the same time.

If You Cut It Up, They Will Eat It

I've been trying to be extra careful with our grocery budget lately.  Feeding active children is so expensive!  One area we had room for improvement in was our wasted produce and this month I learned that if I cut up fruit and veggies and set them out on the counter, my little hobbits will devour then in a matter of moments. They may not know they wanted a pear, but they'll certainly eat one if it's cut up and right in front of their face.

What have you learned lately?

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