Monday, February 29, 2016



planning spring gardens and daily trips to the park (ours is currently under 8 inches of snow... but that's much less than there used to be.

reading A Little Life and totally absorbed by the story. It's brutal and beautiful all at once. While I hate the stereotype of the abusive foster family (there are SO many more loving, dedicated, willing-to-have-their-hearts-broken families out there than evil ones, but very little attention is given to those of us who genuinely love(d) our foster kiddos), this book is probably the best work I've ever read about the long-term effects of abuse. Find more of my recent reads here.

knitting my sky blanket and so thrilled with how the colors look together.

secretly wanting to knit or crochet a rainbow blanket for my office. I'm pinning project like this, this and this.

surprised by the fact that I don't really miss our broken dishwasher.  We've been washing dishes by hand after every meal and I actually quite like it.

smitten with my bullet journal.  So refreshing to have a place for all my crazy ideas, to-do lists and everything else in my life.  All in one spot.  (Love!)

anxiously awaiting the release of the Project Life App for Android devices.  It's happening today!

loving how much Ethan loves Harry Potter (I just finished reading the first book to him a couple of weeks ago). Sharing the magic with your child for the first time is the closest you can ever get to experiencing it yourself again.

watching X files with Jason. Just the newest season, but there has been talk about starting over from the beginning.

listening to What Should I Read Next? and just finished All the Light We Cannot See.

dreaming of what's ahead for us. Good things are happening.

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