Friday, January 1, 2016

Join Me For An A Lively Hope Clear the Clutter Challenge!

January is the season for fresh starts and new goals. A clean slate and so much potential lie ahead. My dear friend had an idea for an amazing clutter-clearing challenge for the new year and she was gracious enough to allow me to share it here with you.

The idea is that we purge the number of items each day (or more, of you're on a roll!) that corresponds with the date. So on January 1, purge one item. On January 2, purge two items, and so on. By the time you hit the end of the month, you'll get rid of 31 items in one day.  This leads to a total of 496 purged items!  By the end of the month, you might be counting individual paperclips to come up with the total, but even getting rid of tiny stuff is liberating. :)

Want to join me?

Follow along daily on Instagram to see what I'm getting rid of and share your purge piles using the hashtag #ALHcleartheclutter



 I got rid of well over 500 items. And that includes just the items I donated; I also threw away/recycled a LOT. Because I feel like I am constantly getting rid of things already, I found it pretty amazing that I could find that many things to purge.  There were several days that I went well beyond the number of things I was "supposed" to get rid of, and toward the end of the month I kind of wished I'd kept them around for future dates.  :)

Things I learned from this challenge:

1) We had more things than I realized.  Much of the stuff I got rid of hadn't been used in years and I really couldn't tell you why it was still around.

2) I want to make this a yearly tradition.  It felt so great to part with all that junk, and as much as I try to keep clutter down, things always seem to accumulate in closets and drawers.  A big yearly purge will go a long way to combat that phenomenon.

3) My kids did not put up much of a fight as I worked through their rooms and the playroom with them.  They were not quite as ruthless as I would have been if I'd done the purging on my own, but they were definitely happy to have more space and to have easy access to the books, toys, clothes, etc. that they really love.

All in all, it was just what I needed and I am so happy with the results I've seen in our home.

Did you follow along?  How are you doing on your de-cluttering journey?

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