Sunday, March 15, 2015


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Ethan: This boy is a Toothless Wonder.  He loves nothing more than to be running around outside. Today he offered a "kind service" to our new neighbor (a sweet older widow down the street).  He took her a baggie full of pretzels and a couple of flowers picked from the vacant lot next door.  He is thoughtful and sweet and also incredibly difficult.

Elijah:  Loves his blanket totally and completely and he hasn't slept without it for most of his life. He's in full-blown Exhausting Desctructive Toddler mode. He climbs things, he eats books,  he has torn our houseplants to shreds and he does it all with those adorable dimples on display to help lessen the annoyance of those around him. 

Ellie: Her typewriter broke a few months ago.  She saved up some money and we've been checking thrift stores for a replacement.  We didn't have much luck and she was more than disappointed. However, on a visit to her Great Grandma's house this weekend, she mentioned her typewriter search. Grandma promptly gave her this beautiful typewriter, purchased by Great Grandpa (who has since passed away) while he was serving an LDS mission, many many years ago.  We found replacement ribbon (the old stuff was, unsurprisingly, dried out) really cheap online.  (Thank you Internet!) She's been churning out a twice daily Hillman Herald for our enjoyment.  And enjoy it we do.

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