Thursday, December 4, 2014

Book Review and Giveaway: Power Foods Lifestyle

During the month of November I joined in with some friends on a healthy eating/exercise challenge. The goal was to eat clean (with one free "cheat" meal per week), exercise daily and do an additional exercise challenge each day. The best part of this challenge, for me, was the motivation to change my eating habits.  They say that clean eating is about 75% of the weight loss equation.

I've always been a big fan of exercise, and have had a regular schedule for years. We cut out most processed foods years ago and almost all of our meals are made from scratch with whole ingredients. But for the past while my eating habits have been going downhill and I was craving sweets constantly.  Stress and busy days made me feel like I "deserved" to eat a treat, but I'd always end up feeling worse afterword.  Even though made-from-scratch treats are healthier than other versions, that doesn't mean you can eat them all the time and not see a negative impact on your waistline.

I jumped into the challenge and though the first few days were difficult, my cravings for treats diminished over time, and now are mostly gone.

As I have focused on improving food intake, I have noticed a difference in how I look (even though it may only be significant to me...) and I definitely plan to continue with the changes I've made.  I believe in moderation and feel like dessert once per week, and maybe a square of dark chocolate on one or two days per week is a good balance for me.

Given this background, the opportunity to review Kristy Jo's Power Foods Lifestyle came along at the perfect time. This recipe book is all about changing your mentality from "going on a diet" to following a healthy eating lifestyle.  It's full of delicious and clean recipes that are easy enough to add into a full schedule.

Many of the recipes are ones your kids will probably love, too.  I know ours dig the Berry Bare Oats and Muddy Body Buddies (a healthy version of Muddy Buddies? Yes, please!).  Kristy Jo has developed recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I am most excited about her snack recipes. Quick, healthy snacks are so important to a busy Mama, and the recipes in this book look fantastic.

The recipes are packed with fruits and vegetables, whole grains and delicious proteins.  They are recipes my family will use and enjoy on a regular basis.*

The folks at Ringmasters have offered to give one of my readers a copy of The Power Foods Lifestyle as well as the brand new Kristy Jo's Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Vol. II. Sign up below to enter the giveaway!  The winner will be chosen December 11th.

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And I'm on the lookout for quick, high in vegetables lunches.

What is your favorite healthy lunch?

* Because I have strong feelings about processed foods, I feel like I should mention that some of the recipes in this book call for seasoning packets.  We don't use those in our house, but they can easily be substituted for a much healthier homemade version.

I received a copy of this book to review, but all opinions are my own.

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