Wednesday, August 13, 2014

To the Weary Mama

Dear Weary Mama,

I'm thinking of you today.  You are tired.  Your plate is full.  You feel like you are struggling to keep your head above water.  Of course, you have many happy moments amidst the chaos.  You go out of your way to see them.  You post them on social media and those around you think you have it all together.

But they don't see the other moments: the moment you were so frustrated with a whiny, defiant little person that you yelled; the moment you looked up to discover the entire house was a complete disaster; the still-not- showered-and/or-dressed-at-nearly-dinnertime moment; the zombie moments of too little sleep.  The moments when the waves of discouragement threaten to drag you down.

Maybe you're an introverted Mama in a home filled with little ones.  They need you all. day. long.   Maybe you lock yourself in the bathroom, just to find a bit of respite.  (I've tried this.  It only works for a few minutes and then someone is there knocking, banging, calling you through the gap under the door.)

You're outnumbered by little people and they've got you surrounded.

I've been there.  Often.  And, despite what you see on Instagram, your Mama friends have been there, too.

Let's stop pretending that life has to be perfect to be meaningful.  Let's share our moments of discouragement as well as our beautiful moments.  Let's allow ourselves to be vulnerable and in the process open our hearts to true friendship, true love and support, and true connection in our relationships.  (I'll go first: I am so worn down by the constant bickering between my two older kids that I daydream about sending them away to boarding school.  My heart is longing for peace and pleasantness in our home, but right now that is a very rare occurance.)

Let's slow down and cut out the unnecessary tasks from our lives.  Let's chose to spend our time on what uplifts us so we can uplift and inspire those around us.

We are meant to weather life's storms together.


ps- For more inspiration on vulnerability, watch this TED talk and read The Gifts of Imperfection or Daring Greatly.

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