Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mama Time

I haven't changed a diaper since Monday.  There were four full days this week in which I didn't need to do any dishes, fold any laundry, cook any meals or pull a chubby baby out of any houseplants.  I had extended, uninterrupted conversations (during meals!) with other adults.  The only shoes I tied were my own.

It was glorious.

As an introverted Mama, I seek out alone time daily. Multiple times daily, actually.  But I also think it's so, so important for me to find longer stretches (every few months) to be away and remind myself that I'm not just Mama.

I have been feeling weary for the past month or so and this time away at Education Week was exactly what I needed to fill my Mama Tank.  I was uplifted and inspired by incredible lectures on faith, parenting, marriage and so much more. I spent time reflecting on my life, my relationships and my goals.

This refreshing trip was made possible by many people who love me: My loving husband who recognizes my need to recharge, my amazing sister who came to stay with my kiddos during the day, my sweet mother-in-law who arranged the hotel and tickets.

I came home renewed and excited to improve in all aspects of my life; and I am full of concrete ideas to make those changes happen.  My heart is full of more love for my little people and a stronger desire to be the Mama they need.  I am determined to make the most of my marriage, to deepen my relationships with friends and family and to spend my time on the most important opportunities I am blessed with.

I encourage you to make the time for Mama Time, whether you can manage days away (like this once-a-year trip for me), an overnighter, or just a few hours of solitude.

How do you feed your soul and refresh your Mama heart?

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