Monday, April 14, 2014

A Painting for the Master Bedroom

We've lived in this house for 2.5 years and have done an incredible amount of work in almost every room. The master bedroom has gone basically untouched, however.  Aside from adding our required reading lights (shown below), we've done absolutely nothing to this room.  We hadn't even hung anything on the walls yet.
One of my 35 by 35 goals is to paint something to hang over the master bed.  I purchased the canvas at a Black Friday sale last year, and it's been taunting me ever since.  I was anxious about getting started, so I just put it off (and put it off...).  I was recently reminded of the power of taking baby steps toward our goals. So I finally buckled down, made some sketches and the result was a painting of abstract mountains in blues and grays.

Every time I walk in, I am happy to see a little life in the room. 

It will be a while before we make much more progress in this room;  the boys' rooms and outdoor projects are higher on the agenda right now.  But after a couple happy afternoons of painting we are one baby step closer to finishing the master bedroom project as well.

Do you have a project lurking over your shoulder?  I challenge you to take one baby step toward crossing it off your list.

And I'd love to hear what you're working on!

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