Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To My Favorite Person on His Birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the universe!  

This man rises well before the sun.  He fixes everything that's broken.  

He is faithful, strong and caring.

He wrestles, reads to, cuddles, tickles, swaddles, laughs with, snuggles, listens to and loves the little people under this roof.

He backs up my harebrained ideas, helps me reach my goals and believes in me when I don't quite believe in myself.

He has constructed or repaired the majority of our home and every item inside it.  He takes things apart just to see how they work.

He is my best friend, my firmest supporter, my hero and the person I immediately think of when I have a funny story or  a disappointment to share.

He bakes the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted.

He is patient, steady, thoughtful and kind.

He makes me laugh every single day. After over 13 years of talking to him for hours each day, I still look forward to and love our conversations.

Yes, I am one lucky lady.

Love Birds--"Whatever our Souls are Made of..." Emily Bronte quote--Art Print--Acrylic Painting--Birds

ps--You really must make this Nutella and Chocolate layer cake as soon as possible.  I made it (a double recipe) this weekend for a birthday get-together for Jason.  He has since requested that this be his birthday cake every year.  I am quite smitten with it, too, and I don't usually like cake.

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