Monday, March 31, 2014

35 by 35

I am a goal-setter; I love crossing items off my to-do list.  In just a couple of years I will be 35 and I want to celebrate that in my own nerdy way.  Here are 35 goals I want to accomplish before I turn 35, in no particular order.  I will be updating my progress on this page, so check back!

1- Make croissants.  I have always wanted to try this, but the process seems so extremely time-consuming (folding and rolling, folding and rolling...) that I don't think I'll ever actually do it unless I make it an official goal.

2- Go on a backpacking trip.

3- Knit a sweater.

4- Update Ethan's new bedroom.

5- Update Elijah's new bedroom.

6- Plant an asparagus patch

7- Publish children's study guide for the Book of Mormon

8- Publish children's study guide for the New Testament

9- Publish children's study guide for the Old Testament

10- Publish children's study guide for Church History

11- Throw a big party for Elijah's adoption and sealing

12- Buy a kayak (or two...) (done!)

13- Sew a denim quilt for Ethan's room

14- Become a CASA.

15- Pay off remaining adoption expenses. (DONE!)

16- Knit 20 hats for charity

17- Start keeping bees

18- Take an annual mother-daughter weekend adventure with Ellie.

19- Knit/Sew a Christmas stocking for Elijah

20- Knit/Sew a (replacement) Christmas stocking for Ethan

21- Plant hundreds more bulbs in our yard (we don't have any daffodils and crocus yet!).  (done!)

22- Painting for over the master bed.

23- Read all of Jane Austen's novels.  (done!)

24- Build a deck (or, rather, help Jason build a deck) and finish fencing in our yard.

25- Finish Blurb books for each year.

26- Adopt again (?). This one is still a huge question mark for us...maybe I should just say 'Decide whether or not to TRY to adopt again'.  Yes, that's better.

27- Go through the kids' old clothes/toys and sell them at The Divvy Up

28- Visit all the LDS temples in Utah.

29- Read all of Charles Dickens' novels.

30- Visit the East Coast.

31- Re-do garage entry: paint garage steps, hang hooks, etc.

32- Girls weekend with my mom and all of my sisters (at least once!).  We haven't all been together for 2+ years. (done and done!)

33- Make photo/memory books for each of the kids. (This is a work in progress. I have begun doing Project Life, so this will be a goal I'll be working on continually. )

34- Learn to play 10 hymns proficiently on the piano.

35- Take a grand 15 Year Anniversary trip with Jason.

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