Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lost Teeth

A few weeks ago, in a rare quiet moment with my 5 year old, he whispered in my ear, " teeth really hurt."  I asked if they were loose and he shook his head emphatically no, and then proceeded to wiggle them.  They were, in fact, quite loose.  His eyes grew round with surprise and a grin slowly spread over his impish face.
"I have a loose tooth!", he stage-whispered.
"You have TWO loose teeth!" I whispered back.
He grinned from ear to ear.

Fast forward to last week.  One of Ethan's bottom front teeth was hanging by a thread.  It slide back and forth with each breath he took.  He was terrified of wiggling it too much and didn't want to pull on it.  So, we just let it dangle there, looking disgusting but knowing it won't last long.  We have our dear friends over for a playdate one afternoon and Ethan and the boys head outside for a snowball fight.  When Ethan returned, I noticed something was missing. His dangly, disgusting tooth was gone.

"Hey! You lost it!" I said, congratulating him on his big day.  He looked at me in bewilderment.  Understanding dawned and he reached up to feel the hole in his mouth.

"Where did you put your tooth?" I asked.
"Is it in your pocket?"
"When did it fall out?  When you were outside?"
"I don't know."

 (He's a man of few words)

After a moment of thought he said, "I guess it must be in the snow.  Probably I will find it in the spring when the snow melts."  I am amazed at his response.  You never know when this kid is going to be an even-tempered angel and when he'll throw an all-out screaming-kicking-rafters ringing fit.

He wrote a note to the tooth fairy and we moved on with our evening.

"Dear Tooth Fairy
My tooth is lost in the snow
(Once again, no long explanation needed.  Why use many words when a few will do?)

Three days later, just after I returned to bed and drifted off after a 1:30am Elijah Feeding, I heard Ethan's whisper again.

 "Mooom!  Mooom!  My tooth is really loose!"
"Awesome!  Let's talk about it in the morning." I said without opening my eyes.
"Okay..." and he scampered back to bed.

I stumbled out of bed in the morning, (after being up again for the 4:30am Elijah Feeding) and Ethan was playing with animals at the kitchen table.

 "Hey, Buddy.  How was your night?"
"Good.  I lost my other tooth."
"Yay!  That's great.  Can I see it?"
"No. I lost it."
"I know. But where did you put it after it fell out?  I'd like to see it."
"It was just gone when I woke up. I didn't see it fall out."

We spend some time searching for the other tooth in his room.  It's nowhere to be found.  Vanished.
We finally decided that perhaps he swallowed it in his sleep.  He's surprisingly cool with that and once again we move on with our regular morning activites.

Ethan and I are still hopeful that he'll eventually be able to use the Tooth Fairy pillow I made for him.
I guess only time will tell.

I've had the beginnings of a limerick running around in my  head since he lost the second tooth:
There once was a young boy named Ethan
Who had trouble keeping his teeth in...

That's all I've got so far.  Any suggestions?

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