Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snowshoeing at Sunset

One of our family goals for the new year is to go snowshoeing or hiking every week.
We plan to snowshoe in every canyon in Cache Valley this winter (any suggestions for trails are always appreciated!). We have some gorgeous trails in our area and we intend to see as many as we possibly can.

Saturday evening we went for a short trek at the mouth of Green Canyon.  It was lovely, aside from all the power lines blocking our view.

The light was beautiful.  
We watched as the sun ducked behind the mountains, and felt the temperature plummet.  

I'm not sure I'm cut out for a high of 4 degrees.  
Yes, a HIGH of 4 degrees Fahrenheit.
Really, with the right gear it's not so bad, as long as we keep moving.

I absolutely look forward to this time with my family.  
Our children speak more freely when we're hiking through the woods. Their secret thoughts, wonderings, concerns and plans come out during this time more often than any other.  They sleep more soundly after a day spend outside.  My heart is refreshed by the sunshine, the cold air and beautiful scenery.

How are you enjoying the outdoors this winter?

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