Sunday, May 6, 2012

Remembering Ethan Right Now

Our little guy is growing and changing so much.  I want to remember him exactly like he is today:

* Points out stop signs, the letters E, O and A and the number 3 while we are driving.

* Tall for his age, and very skinny.

*We have been busy with a lot of yard work lately and have had one of Jason's coworkers, named Doug, (who has a fencing business on the side) stop by a couple of times to do some skid steer work.  Ethan loves watching the action.  One day after Doug left, Ethan said, "What's that guy's name?" after I answered he said, "Doug?!  He DIGS!  That's funny!"  He brings up his friend Doug with the skid steer at least once a day.

*Loves to take baths and showers, especially if he can play with his animals in the water.

*He's very particular about his hair and insists on making it "curwwee" every morning.  He receives comments everywhere we go about his adorable curls.  

*Gets frustrated very quickly (yes, I know that is typical for a 3 year old).

*Hates to have dirty hands and/or feet.  He accidentally stepped in the mud yesterday and his terror quickly escalated til he was standing in the middle of our yard attempting to fling the sludgy mud from his feet and screaming his guts out.  I eventually had to manhandle him closer to the hose so we could squirt his feet off.

* Puts his shoes on by himself, more often than not they are on the wrong feet.

*He is counting down the days til T-ball starts.  I am extremely interested to see if he loves it as much as he thinks he will.  We'll find out in June.

*He is the main reason our family goes through a gallon of milk a day (or so).  We all like milk, but I'm pretty sure Ethan would still be on an all-milk diet if we allowed it.

*He has periods of not eating well, but will often finish his meal so he can hear his Mom or Dad yell "Kablamo!" super loudly as he takes his last bite.  Not sure why that works, but it does...

*Adores animals and insects, especially "sea creatures".

*He loves to be read to and thinks there is nothing better than snuggling (he says "sungle") next to me while we read a "stack of books".  I agree.

*While he enjoys fictional pictures books, he most often picks non-fiction books about animals when we're stocking up at the library.


* LOVES quiet time. We religiously hold quiet time each afternoon.  By the time we are done with school, chores, lunch, books, etc. Ethan is usually begging for quiet time.  He listens to music or stories on CD (lately his favorite is a random find from the library called Classical Cats) and acts out elaborate story lines with his animals, cars and lately a large collection of sea shells, rocks and sticks.

*Wants to be where ever Ellie is.  He adores his big sister, and in typical little brother fashion is very good at annoying her.

*Likes to play Hide-and-Seek and wrestle

*Has a hard time saying the Sm, Sw and Sl sounds.  So small sounds like "Fwall" and sleep and sweep both  sound like "Fwweep". Here's a conversation we had in the car on Friday on our way to Ogden:

Ethan: "Mom, is it a long drive or a short drive?"
Me: "Kind of a long drive."
Ethan: "I will fweep in the car"
Me (pretty sure he meant "sleep"):  "You'll sweep?  Do you have a broom?"
Ethan: "No! Not fweep!  Fwwwweeeep!  I'll do like this...(he rolls his head to the side, closes his eyes and pretends to snore).

*Silly with an emerging sense of humor

*Loves his "cozy bed" and is a very good sleeper.

* He's all boy. Here's a video of him roughhousing with his Papa:

Blinkery:  We have a stop sign near our house which is surrounded by flashing solar-powered lights.  Ethan noticed it one day and pointed it out saying, "Oh!  That stop sign is so blinkery!"

Scrumble:  To climb down from somewhere.  He was climbing around on the rocks surrounding our backyard patio and said, "I'm scrumbling now, Mom."  He used that term several times this evening.

Ethan: "Mom, I can play the French Horn" 
Me: "Really? I had no idea you know how to do that."
Ethan:  "Yeah...well I can listen to it, anyway...Doo doo daaa doo...It's like that"

We love our rough and tumble, deep-brown-eyed, sensitive little guy.  I can't imagine our family without him.

I love you,  Eth!

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  1. We love you too, Ethan! Way to record such priceless facts about your boy, Heidi. So fun!