Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fire Station Tour

 We went on a field-trip, with some of our dear homeschool friends, to the Logan fire station.  Ethan counted down the days to this trip!  He was so very excited to see the fire engines up close (even if they are loud).   I must say that we had the most fantastic tour guide ever.  He spent about 90 minutes with our enthralled group of youngsters.

After a short introduction, a call came in and we thought our tour would be cut very short (obviously, heart attacks take precedence over eager kiddos!).  Timing worked in our favor and a crew came in just in time to take that call so we could continue our tour.  Later during our visit the same thing happened.  We were very lucky!

We had a full tour of the fire house and learned a lot about what life on duty is like for these heroic men and women.

 The kids got to climb on top, over and through a fire engine.  

 We saw the first female firefighter in Logan in her full mask and suit.

 There was much horn-honking, light-flashing and siren-wailing.

 And even some water-squirting.

 The highlight of the tour for me was seeing the Jaws of Life in action.  Our fantastic firefighter tour guide let each child use them to smash a soda can.  To say they were thrilled is a bit of an understatement.  Both Ethan and Ellie were so delighted with their squished cans, they kept them as a memento.  

It was a fascinating tour, and Ethan has been asking to go back every day since.

Oh, how I love being able to experience this delight and learning with my children!


  1. It was the firestation tour to beat all firestation tours!

  2. Sorry, Serena was signed in, this is really Sally, haha