Sunday, April 29, 2012

House Tour {Hosted by Ellie Joy}

I have had some requests to see more pictures of our new house, so I thought it would be fun to have our cheerful tour guide show you around.  This is a transcript of a recorded tour I received this afternoon.  Any notes/comments I want to add will be in bold blue. Please excuse the photos.  I left my camera at my parents' house on Easter and I've been functioning with a not-so-stellar camera phone til I can get it back.  So, without further ado:

Hello! This is Ellie, and I am going to show your our house.

 This is the entryway...the staircase is right here:

At the bottom of the staircase, you can see the bookshelves Jason built (which I love).
Also, note the precarious ladder above the stairs.  We are stalled in a project which requires being at the top of that ladder above the stairs, twenty feet off the ground.  No one is excited about needing to go up there...

This is the living room (with a grumpy Ethan on the couch)

We call this the "reading chair".  It is the most coveted seat in our house.

And...this is Ethan's room.  He has a table (also built by Jason...Ethan spends at least an hour every day playing animals/trains/cars at this table) a bed, a closet...that's about it...

Reading nook, also used for foster babies' bedroom (we just had a little one stay with us for a week, he left on Friday; we were all sad to see him go.  I moved the crib/dresser, etc. out by the time we took these photos.  But that's where the really little ones will sleep) and my mom has a rocking chair in here, and it's a nice little room.

This is my parent's bedroom, there is a nice little bed (also designed and built by my talented husband.  He installed the reading lights for me, too. I  LOVE them!) and a dresser...a nice big window...

and that door goes to the bathroom and master closet.

This is the kitchen.  It has a nice big table with four chairs and an island with a sink, and there's a microwave and a stove right there.  There's a fridge and the pantry over here (pantry door is on your right, mud room door is on your left).

 View of dining area from opposite direction. It bugs me that the piano is in the dining room, but there is really nowhere else it could fit. Trust me, I rolled that thing all over the place the first week we lived here.

 And now, on to downstairs...

 This is the family room

And this is where we used to do school. There's a typewriter, computer, copying machine and several other things...

 Family room:  there's two couches, a coffee table and a TV on the wall.  My Dad put it there.

Walking down the hallway: Closet with things we don't use very often... furnace room...

Me and my brother's school room (it took a lot of willpower for me to not fix the grammar as I typed that...) There's a table, three chairs and a bookshelf full of school books.

And, further down the hall is the room we lovingly refer to as "the scary bathroom".  This is the one room in the house to which we have not made any improvements yet.  It is disgustingly dirty.  As in "four-college-age-men-sharing-an-unfinished-bathroom-for-months-and-never-once-cleaning-it" dirty (that is what happened when the previous owner had renters down here).  We've lived here for 6 months and I have yet to get up the gumption to attempt to clean that toilet.  At some point we'll work on this bathroom. 
But not yet. 
(Don't judge me.)

And now MY ROOM!

  It's kinda messy (as she runs around throwing dirty laundry into her hamper), but it's supposed to be clean. It's purple and it has a nice little bed and a desk and a closet with a little light in it so I can have a quiet place to read.  And that's about it.  Let's go to the playroom.

This is a nice little reading nook which is right beneath my mom's reading nook.  It has two beanbags, some pillows a couple of blankets and a bookshelf.  And, here's the playroom which is hooked to the book nook. 

And there's some cabinets (not shown, they are on the wall to the right) and a place where there used to be a huge television screen (this used to be a theatre room and the projection screen was in the large frame below.  We now use the frame for displaying kids' artwork)

 And it's kind of like steps.  So this is the bottom:

And this is the top:

Here is a much-loved feature in the playroom:  

 a window for puppet shows!

Heidi: Thanks for the lovely tour!
  So, what do you like best about our house?

Ellie: beanbag chair.  Just kidding!  My room. 
I like having peace and quiet!

Our house does not always look wonderful. In fact, we often have messes.  But we have been slowly working our way through our long list of projects and I feel like this house is turning into our home.  

ps.  In case you haven't heard, I was in the newspaper this morning.  You can see the article here.


  1. Love the tour! Thanks for sharing. Ellie was a wonderful tour guide. Congrats on the newspaper article too. It fun to know someone famous (well, my kids would think your famous after being in the paper!).

  2. Thanks for the tour. And, congrats on the article (even though they got the wrong city) You can tell this isn't your first time in the paper (I still have the article from the float parade)