Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dance Recital

 Our sweet Ellie had a dance recital last week.  She absolutely adores her teachers (who are amazing and teach dozens of little girls for free, just because they love it!) and her cute friends in our carpool.  When it's my turn to drive I look forward to eavesdropping on the conversations of those three opinionated girls.  They have a lot of giggly fun together, but are also not afraid to voice differences of opinion.  It cracks me up.

Ellie looked beautiful in her "floofy" costume.  Looking back at these pictures, I am struck by how grown-up she looks.

 Two grandmas, one grandpa and three cousins were able to watch her performance with us.  
I give full credit for the huge grin below to the presence of silly cousins next to me.  This has to be one of my new favorite photos of Ellie. She's entered the awkwardly posed smiles phase, I'm hoping it doesn't last long.  Thanks, Jack and Jane, for whatever you were doing over there!

{Jane, Ellie and Jack}
These three suddenly look like they could be triplets.  Could that be because their fathers are identical twins?
Except for the fact that I don't see much resemblance to their dads, I suppose that could be true...

{Some of our homeschool/ dance friends.  We love those girls, and their mamas!}

I am so proud of Ellie.  I have never been a dancer; I was just never comfortable with the thought of getting up in front of people to share my complete lack of grace and skill. Although now I am not ashamed to look like an idiot in my own kitchen as I dance around with my kiddos, you will not see me dancing anywhere else.  I'm afraid Ellie inherited my ungracefulness, but she doesn't let that stop her.  She loves to dance, and I love to see the progress she makes with each recital.

After the recital we celebrated Jason's birthday with this cake.  Yes, the man is a fan of kit kats and reeses pieces.  He was a happy guy! 

 And I was happy to make him happy because he makes me so happy.  
(awww.... so happy)


ps-- Have you ever noticed that when you type (or write) the same word repeatedly for a while, that word starts to look very strange?  And you think maybe you've spelled it wrong, but after double-checking that it's spelled correctly it still looks weird.  The word "happy" is doing that to me right now.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Is there a cake under all that chocolate? Looks yummy. You reminded me, I need to download my pictures from the dance recital. Is a report on your San Diego trip forthcoming? :)