Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day

 Due to some poor weather this morning our co-op was cancelled. We found ourselves with an unexpected free day, and made the most of it. 

 The kids and I worked together to make strawberry jam this morning.  I have found myself in a delightful place where these two are suddenly old enough to actually help with my to-do list.  For years I've been finding things to keep them busy so I could cook or clean for a few minutes.  But now they help with cooking, cleaning AND laundry (they actually do good work that I am not required to re-do!)!  It makes a busy mama's heart happy.

I had been hanging onto a big cardboard box from a bathroom mirror we recently purchased, and today was the perfect time to pull it out.  It unfolded to a very large size and already had a window cut out, so we tucked it into a corner of the kitchen and they went to work creating their little house.

Ellie pinned up a fabric scrap for a curtain and pulled some other furniture and dishes into their new place. Before I knew it an impromptu tea party was underway.

It was a lovely way to spend the morning; lots of giggles and completely un-scheduled time.

In honor of Dr. Suess' birthday tomorrow we sat down after lunch and read all of his books we own.  I felt like I might be speaking in rhyme for the rest of the day! I am grateful for little ones who love to read, and be read to, as much as I.  This after-lunch read aloud time is one of my favorite parts of our day.  There is no bickering, the house is quiet and we snuggle up and enjoy each other.  I love quiet.

The storm has calmed, for now, and left us with a couple inches of snow and gorgeous blue skies.  

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