Sunday, March 4, 2012


 I don't feel like these photos need much explanation, other than winter has been fairly disappointing this year.  We got a good dumping of snow late in the week and spent most of the day outside.  The kids helped me shovel a bit and then moved on to more entertaining and enjoyable pursuits {actually, I really enjoy shoveling snow...does that make me weird?}.

Ellie decided to free our tiny trees of their snowy burdens by shaking them nigh to death.  Ethan helped her at times, when he was not distracted by geese flying low overhead, snow drifts to jump in, the plow clearing our street and any other of a number of very interesting winter-time occurrences.

Some friends invited us to join them on our first successful sledding trip of the season that afternoon {how sad is that?  No sledding til March?}.

 Ethan was very nervous and insisted I join him the first few times down the hill {not that I'm complaining...I adore sledding}.  Eventually he decided to give it a go on his own.  As I held his sled while he climbed on I heard him talking to himself under his breath, "I not scared....I not scared...".  He whooped all the way down the hill and screamed in jubilation once he reached the bottom, "Guys, I did it!  I not scared!"

 All in all, we spent almost an hour and a half non-stop going up and down these hills.  It was a delightful afternoon {and frankly, one I was very much in need of, there was way too much bickering in our house that morning}.

The time outside worked wonders for our attitudes.

We went home exhausted, a little sunburned and happy.

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