Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentine's Day

So... I never posted anything about our Valentine's Day festivities.

Here ya go:

The kiddos and I have recently joined a homeschool co-op which we love.  We meet every Thursday with several other families, and are able to attend several hours of classes/social time. The kids and I both look forward to it every week.  One of the amazing mamas planned a Valentine party and we got to make boxes and valentines to pass out, "Just like at 'real school'!"  Ellie exclaimed.

Ellie's was an envelope.  We were lucky enough to get the box in the mail from Amazon, and it required nothing more than white paint and a couple of decorative stickers as the stamp.  Ellie addressed it to herself from the Cache Valley Star Academy {the name of our co-op}.

Her valentines were bookmarks that said "You're a SMARTIE in my book!", with little smarties attached.  

Ethan's box was a "Wobot".  He and I had a blast painting this together, and he stuck on the decorative shapes himself.

His valentines were aliens {I cut out the shape from a green painting he'd done earlier} that say "I've got my EYE on you!"  

We continued the tradition of our cute little family mailboxes.  Ellie, the little writer that she is, sent everyone love notes every day.  Sometimes multiple notes in a day.  I was not as on-top-of-things as I'd like to have been, but did my best to keep up with her note-writing fervor.

I also attempted to decorate, which is not my forte, by making these sweet heart garlands

and a variation of this wreath.

We do not usually spend money on Valentine's Day gifts.  For us the holiday is more about being together, and having fun as a family.  Jason and I decided ahead of time to exchange homemade gifts this year.  The day before V-Day I was making his gift {homemade fire starters for the campfire dinners we all adore} when Ellie came into the kitchen.  

 "Whatcha doin' ?" she asked.  

"Making Daddy's Valentine's Day present."

A long pause as she took in the mess around me: an empty egg carton with dryer lint wadded into each compartment... melting candle wax in the oven...

"No, really.  What are you doing?  What is that garbage for?"

"Really.  It's a present for Dad.  He's going to love it, I promise."

"Mom..." Her eyes are filled with a mixture of horror and skepticism.  She can't decide if I'm teasing her or if I've finally lost all of my marbles.

"Mom..." she finally decides I must be crazy and plucks up her courage to tell me so. "That's nothing but balls of lint in an egg container!"

I explain what they are and show her, in a controlled environment,  how well the lint burns.  Relieved, she dances around the house for the rest of the afternoon singing a song of her own invention.  The line she repeats over and over is: "Balls of lint in an egg contain-ER!"

Jason did like his gift {I gave him the fire starters in a bag with a tag that said,  "C'mon baby, light my fire!" the song?}. But I must say that he definitely beat me, once again, in the gift-giving department.  His thoughtful no-cost gift: he let me pick the next three house projects to move to the top of his list.  The only requirement was that we had to already have the materials for the projects.  Yeah, he's the best.

I hope your Valentine's Day was full of love!

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  1. So cute! I have almost come to the conclusion that I will be home schooling my kids. My ideal would be half day public, half day home. But I'm not even sure that's possible. Maybe a co-op would be good. Trying to decide on the best schooling option for kids is overwhelming. The story about Ellie and your gift at the end was so amusing!