Monday, February 13, 2012

Fires and Hide and Seek

Twice in the past week we've ventured a short distance up Logan canyon for a meal cooked over the fire.  We aren't very familiar with the canyon yet, and aren't sure what is open and what is not, so we have gone to the same place both times.  It was lovely, nonetheless.

Yes, Jason is a bit goofy.  I am a fan of goofy.  While we chatted near the fire, the kids played hide-and-seek.  I was shocked to see that neither of them excel at this game.  It is absolutely impossible for Ellie to keep her eyes closed the entire time she is counting.  It doesn't matter that Ethan is a poor hider and she'd be able to see him immediately after opening her eyes anyway.  She just keeps "checking".

Ethan is still pretty little to find a good hiding spot on his own, so often Jason or I would point one out for him.  As soon as Ellie would finish counting (and cheating) Ethan would start to call out like a bird,
 "Ca-CAW! Ca-CAW!" until Ellie found him.  This was hilarious to watch.  With the way they play the game you'd think they'd get bored after not very long.  But they were pretty content for quite a while.

I have been working at being more intentional with my time, trying to encourage more peace in our home and family and our interactions with each other.  As I slowly discover methods that work for us, I find myself more content, my heart more at peace.  Being outside often is something that makes a huge difference for our family.  I used to feel discouraged that getting out the door is often difficult. But the amount of time it takes to prepare an outing like this is minimal compared to the joy it brings.

We made s'mores, collected rocks and headed home with this gorgeous view.

A happy day.
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  1. Wow, sound fantastic! And, "Ca-Caw!" seriously?! So cute!