Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scattered Thoughts about My Sisters

We attended church in my parents' ward today to hear my sweet sister Lindsay speak.  (She's the really cute one with the shortest, darkest hair).  In 10 short days she's headed off on a grand adventure.  She'll be serving an LDS Mission in New York City, sharing the gospel with complete strangers totally across the country from us. And speaking Spanish, no less.  She'll be amazing!  As I've been reflecting on this life-changing event for her I've come to the realization that my family is incredible.  

Almost every Sunday when I was a teenager, we would gather around the piano while Mom played and sing together.  Sometimes friends would join us, and as the younger girls grew up they chimed in, too.  As we've gotten older and moved out to go to college or get married (or both), those singing sessions became less and less frequent. But we try to sneak in some sister-singing-time whenever we're all together.   Our interests are pretty varied, but this is something we all love to do together. While we're not ready to go on tour quite yet, I love this tradition.

As we were singing this afternoon several thoughts suddenly hit me:

          ** I won't be seeing Lindsay again for 18 months. She's been at USU and we've been able to see her often since moving to Logan.  She's our best babysitter EVER! I will miss her.

           **Our whole family will not be together for 2 1/2 years.  Miss Katie (the long-haired beauty in between Lindsay and my Dad) will go on a mission in a little over a year.  So she and Lindsay will overlap for about 6 months.

           **Most of my sisters (there are 5 girls total) have seemed quite a lot younger than me for most of their lives.  But now we're all {mostly} adults.  I am thoroughly enjoying seeing them grow up.  They are amazing women, doing fantastic things.  As the Big Sis, that makes me extremely proud.  I can't wait to see what paths they take, what adventures they go on and who they become in the future.
          **I hope that we'll remain close, no matter where we all end up.

           **I am seriously blessed in the family department.  My parents are incredible, talented, loving, fun and patient. I admire and love them.  

 I doubt that my brother reads this blog, but I still feel a little guilty leaving him out.  (Let's face it, though, with 5 older sisters the kid has to feel left out fairly often...)  There is quite an age range in our family (nearly 17 years between me and my little brother).  I was halfway through my senior year in high school when little David was born.  And I hated taking him anywhere by myself, not because he was annoying, but because people always assumed he was my baby.  Didn't really like that.  But he's developing into a pretty awesome kid himself.  He does need a haircut, though. (Sorry, Bro. It's true)

Thank you to my parents for being wonderful, and for teaching us to love each other.  Thank you siblings for your friendship and for being fun, supportive and silly. 

I love you all.

And Lindsay, don't forget to write.  


  1. Aww...they sound wonderful! Looks like a rowdy fun time and I bet you could go on tour!

  2. I thought I'd finally gotten my emotions under control... and then I read this. Thank you so the beautiful post. I second everything you said. I love you too.