Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals 2012

I am feeling much better about our struggles and life in general today.  Thank you for the kind words and support, they mean a lot to me.

I love the time for introspection at the beginning of each year.  I am a big fan of list-making and goal-setting, and I always look forward to this time of year as a fresh start. It's a time to reassess and gain traction in life and make sure I'm on the path I want to be on. I have decided to handle my goals for the new year differently than I have in the past.  Rather than listing several goals to work on at once, I am going to work on twelve 30-day Challenges, one each month (obviously).  The hope is that I make most of these into a habit in 30 days and continue to include them in my schedule once the challenge is over.

These may be subject to change, but for now the plan is as follows:

Fitness:: Exercise 5 days/week  (I used to be excellent at this, but over the past month or so I'm completely off track.  So this challenge is first up.  So far, so good!)

Relationships:: write one thank you/ love note every day for a month

Organize:: Organize one area of the house (small areas!) each day for a month

Drink 8 glasses of water and do sit-ups every day for a month

Create:: Make something every day (knit, sew, bake, random projects I've been meaning to get to, etc.)

Take a photo every day for a month and post it here.

Read a famous short story every day for a month ( any suggestions for collections I should read?)

30 Days of more intentional play with the kids (ideas here)

Read the Book of Mormon in 30 Days

Improve something in the yard every day for a month (our yard is going to be a huge project this spring!)

Marriage::  focus on my sweet husband and strengthening our relationship for a month (obviously this in on-going but I look forward to making that the primary focus for one month.)

Music:: Play the piano every day for a month.  Pick a "just for fun" piece and perfect it.

I am really looking forward to these challenges and to the added focus I'll be able to give them by working on them one at a time.  Anyone care to join me?

Our family put together a 2012 Bucket List of sorts on New Years' Eve.  Here is the list:

Ellie: Children's choir
plant a garden
Family overnight hike
Read the whole Book of Mormon together
Ethan potty trained (please?)
Finish Ellie's bedroom
Build a " Big Magnificent Snowman" ("He will be real and Scary!"--Ethan)
Get our home ready for foster placements
Ellie baptized
Put a light/cozy spot in Ethan's closet (Ellie has one in her new room)
Visit a temple we've never been to
See a whale
Go to the Treehouse Museum a lot (Thanks Mom and Dad Hillman for the membership for Christmas!)
Visit a beach
Go on 10 new hikes
Try one new food each month
Camp at Bear Lake
Play with dolphins (that's Ethan's addition...not sure how we'll make that happen.  Do you think he'll count Sea World?)
Visit Hardware Ranch
Finish Ellie's quilt for her new bedroom
New carpet in the basement (coming tomorrow. Yay!)
Make a trash pick-up kit for hikes.
Summer of Service
Add to our family
Send birthday cards/make calls for extended family birthdays
Read the Percy Jackson books together
Rotate 72 Hour Kits
Harvest garden and preserve the homegrown goodness
Make our front flowerbeds beautiful

Whew!  That should keep us busy for a while!

Best wishes for the new year, and good luck on accomplishing your goals!

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  1. Love this! Definitely sparked some ideas for me! Thanks for posting. :)