Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Birthday--by Ellie

Ellie requested manicures and pedicures as part of her birthday festivities. Ethan insisted on participating as well. Please don't tell me this will scar him for life, our neighbors in our apartment complex (where we were living at the time) were very certain I had just wrecked his entire future and that he would be forever "confused". I don't want to hear it.


We had a "tea party" with Grandmas and Fancy Aunt Lindsay after which Ellie told me I was the "best mom EVER!"

**Editor's Note** Ellie wrote the following:

my seventh birthday was the best day in my whole life. well maybe not my whole life but its one of them. i got a dwarf hat and a lot of cloth for a new bedspread and a watch from my parents and a sewing box from grandma kindlespire a scrapbook from grandma hillman and a lamp a clock\radio\cd player from grandma and grandpa kimball.

Her list of favorites, as of today:
Favorite color: hot pink and light purple
Favorite thing to do: do puppet shows with mom and ethan
Favorite book: the tale of despereaux
Favorite move: white christmas
Favorite treat: fudge
Favorite toy: dollhouse
Favorite snack: orange
Favorite subject in school: math
What do you want to be when you grow up: author\illustrator
Favorite restaurant: indian oven
Favorite thing to do outside: build fairy houses
Coziest thing you can think of: my bed
Happiest thing you can think of: my doll pink baby
Fanciest thing you can think of: tea partys
Favorite thing to do with mom: read
Favorite thing to do with dad: read
Favorite thing to do with Ethan: watch shows with him
Favorite food: razzleberry pie.

* * *
Ellie's birthday is September 28th, so this is officially way overdue (as was her actual birth day, come to think of it. But not nearly 2 months...) Ellie has grown and matured so much in the past year. She is such a fun person to be around; silly and sarcastic and always looking to snuggle and giggly.

She loves piano lessons, school, reading and playing with friends.
Most of her friends in our new neighborhood are boys and I find it absolutely hilarious the conversations they have. She has a real knack for wrapping 7 year old boys around her finger. One of these boys rang our doorbell last week, he wanted to see if Ellie could play. As they made their way to our playroom I heard Ellie say, "I have some imaginary clothes for my you want to see them?" This sweet boy enthusiastically said, " Yes! I do!" What?

We love our sweet seven year old!

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  1. You are not alone. I paint Tyler's toe nails all of the time, they are almost always bright pink or purple and Jared's sisters give me so much crap. It was just lucky for them that Dana took Ty to get his cast because he asked for pink and I would have let him but she was there to assure it was blue.