Friday, December 16, 2011

American West Heritage Center

Visiting the American West Heritage Center has been on our Logan to-do list for a long time.  We finally went on Saturday for their Frontier Christmas Festival.  We had a blast!  Ellie is still in the midst of her frontier-life obsession and loved all the details of the houses, the blacksmith shop and the different stores we visited.
We watched the blacksmith make a tiny horseshoe and then he gave each of the families there one to take home.  Ellie was smitten with the thing and insisted that we make it into an ornament for our Christmas tree.  We frosted gingerbread cookies and made popcorn/cranberry garlands, and we chatted with the Woodsmith.

We thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate dipping table.  Yes, that was a hit (as evidenced by Ellie's face above).

There were very few animals, but Ethan loved them nonetheless.  He and this goat became friends quickly. "He wikes me, Mama!" Ethan proclaimed.  I'm pretty sure the goat was just trying to get Ethan's chocolate-covered cinnamon bear, but didn't say anything to disrupt their moment.

We had our most successful visit with Santa Claus ever:

Santa and Mrs. Claus were not busy at all, so our little family was able to visit with them for a good 10-15 minutes.  Ellie warmed up, and though she wouldn't sit on Santa's lap she did climb right up and snuggle in to Mrs. Claus and talked both of their ears off for several minutes.  Ethan wouldn't say a word or even acknowledge the Clauses, but he didn't cry.  And once he may have nodded.

Our wagon ride was fun and chilly.  I was distracted by the adorable three year old Asian boy sitting next to me.  He and Ethan kept looking and each other shyly and smiling a little bit.  They seemed to be having a silent communication, "You're a boy.  I'm a boy.  We're boys, and we're riding on this wagon."  Jason and I had a silent communication as well.  He said to me with his eyes, "No, Heidi, you may not steal that darling Asian boy.  I can tell you want to.  And I will not back you up if you do."  And my eyes said ""  I did not steal the child, though I contemplated telling his parents I wanted to.  I thought better of it because maybe they wouldn't understand the joke and I might be the cause of an international incident.

We finished off the day at our church Christmas party.  We dressed up as figures from the nativity.  Ethan is a donkey, Ellie a shepherd and I'm not sure what Jason and I are...he picked out the clothes.  Maybe we're shepherds too?

It was a delightful day, and a very welcome break from home improvement projects!

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun! Love your nativity threads. Ethan has grown up since I've seen him. what a big boy!