Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catching Up

We've been blessed to make some fun new friends in Logan. Our next door neighbors have quickly become some of the kids' favorite people. They invited us to go swimming in the backyard of one of their friends and I heard Ellie exclaim as they were attempting to fit 6 people on an inner tube (the picture is just after the failed attempt. The record stands at 5), "I am having the best afternoon EVER!"

We had a bunch of our West Jordan neighborhood kids over for a going away party for Ellie and Ethan a couple of weeks ago. I didn't feel like the party went extremely well, the kids were way more interested in running around and not so much in the simple games I'd put together. I'd learned a lesson from past experience didn't plan much, and we didn't do most of the activities I'd planned. But after they all left Ellie told me that the party was "SO awesome!"and I was "the best most awesome mommy EVER!" so I guess it turned out okay.

Ethan is turning into more of a daredevil. His latest tricks involve riding his bike with no hands or no feet, or both.
The water is so cold, your feet get painfully numb after just a few minutes.

We've spent many happy afternoons playing in the freezing cold stream running through Merlin Olsen park. Love that place!

Our home has been under contract for a few weeks. Sadly, that fell through this week so we're back to crossing our fingers that the right buyers come along soon. We're under contract with a home here in Logan and may have to give it up if nothing happens with the West Jordan home soon. We're sad about that possibility and stressed to be playing the waiting game again. But we have to keep reminding ourselves that it's just a house. We're healthy and we get to see Jason often (which is more than we could say when he was commuting to Logan every day!). There are worse things than waiting, but I am extremely impatient about the unknown.

For some reason, Ethan insists on making this face whenever he tries on my sunglasses.

We've fallen into a very nice schedule here, and I am feeling more confident as mommy/teacher than I did last year. Cache Valley has some incredible homeschoolers and we are blessed to be involved in choir, book clubs, dance classes, play groups, a nature adventure group, and we've been meeting lots of new people and making new friends. I love both change and routine, so I feel like we've got the best of both worlds going right now!

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  1. Good luck with selling your house, ours is for sale too and it's so stressful. You guys are such a cute family, I love all of your ideas you do with the kids.