Monday, August 22, 2011

Lake Powell

The kids and I went on our annual Kindlespire/Kimball family vacation to Lake Powell in July (Jason had to stay home to finish up some projects with his old job).

As always, the trip was wonderful. Boat rides, sand,

Rattlesnakes (Yes, my dad caught a rattlesnake. Sometimes he thinks he's Steve Irwin. In his defense, they didn't go looking for a snake. The boys were saving lizards from the rapidly rising water and happened upon the snake under a bush. Dad caught it to show the kids and then Mark killed the snake. If you want a bloodier version of the story, Ellie would be happy to tell you the uncensored version)
Sharpie tattoos by my wonderfully talented sister, Nikki. Ethan got a turtle on his foot...
And Ellie had a fancy flower design. Ellie also gave me a tattoo on my foot that said "Jason", I didn't get a good photo of it, though.
Lizard catching with there anything better?
Cougar doesn't think so!
Ethan and Grandpa went hiking (and to the best of my knowledge didn't catch any deadly creatures).
Ethan caught 2 fishies with grandpa's help. He mentions this at least once a day lately. I just asked him to tell me about catching fish at Lake Powell. He said, "I get one fish...two times! Boppa help...there was lots of them...I held fissing pole and Boppa catch the fishy". He also mentions this in prayers frequently.

Ethan and Phoenix looking at the catfish they just caught.

A little boy with a black eye and a fishing pole...

There was also a lot of squirting with these ingenious rafts my parents brought. Squirt guns hooked right in. Genius!
I always love Lake Powell, and this year was especially fun. It was so nice to share this place full of so many of my own childhood memories with my kids.

--Aggressive/angry lady at houseboat loading site " Why are you still talking to me?!" (did Dad "accidentally" steal her shoes? Possibly.)
--"I think we're in water" Kristi and Mark wake up to 6 inches of water under their tent. By the time they get everything out, the water is knee deep.
--Ethan LOVES tubing. He sings "tubing, tubing, tu-BING!" as we get ready to go.
--"Smashrock Island"--named by Ellie. A good place to swim for "cliff jumping".
--Saving lizards, kangaroo rats from rising water...finding a rattlesnake in the process. Dad picks it up ("Hold your stupidity up high, Dad, so I can take a picture!")
--Ethan hiked all the way "up high" and down by himself so we could get reception to talk to Jason.
--Ethan and Ellie riding at the bow of the boat, just like Mommy used to.
--Heidi's best water-skiing runs for years!
--Rattlesnake quote: Dad thew the rattlesnake into the hole Mark dug. Dad, "Ah! I missed!" Mark, "I didn't", as he chopped the head off with a shovel.
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