Monday, August 1, 2011

Hillman Staycation

Jason's parents planned a "staycation" for the whole Hillman crew in June (yes, I know that was a while ago...we've been busy). We enjoyed 3 full days of family fun. We went hiking:

Or, rather, we hiked to the trailhead, since the road was closed due to our super-snowy spring. We hung out and threw rocks in puddles, etc. but decided not to go any farther. At least we were outside!

Ellie and Grandpa Hillman found a shady spot.

Sweet Jane and Ellie and their trusty hiking sticks.

Visited Wheeler Farm: (Ellie was generous with her hard-earned allowance money and bought duck food to share--which the ducks had absolutely no interest in-- and treats for all the cousins at the general store)
Ethan had a blast chasing birds at Wheeler Farm.

There was much silliness, but that's not really a surprise with our funny kids.

Grandma planned games and activities. This is Ellie's campfire snack. So cute!

We also went to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden, one of our all-time favorite places. Both of our kids played parts in the Partici-play, which was a shock to me. They don't normally like to do things like that, but jumped right in. Ethan got to be a red fish:

And here he is on stage:
We had relay races, water play time, delicious meals and plenty of time to visit.
The weekend was a great time to reconnect with family, and we feel blessed to have had that time just before we move a bit farther away.

This is "Ethan the Polar Bear".

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