Friday, August 5, 2011

Ethan's Prayers

There is nothing I love to listen to more than a two-year-old's prayers. Ethan's have been particularly sweet lately. When he says his prayers Jason or I keep him on track by saying "thank Thee for..." and pausing while he fills in the blank. We repeat the process until he can't think of anything else to be grateful for. He'll close his eyes while he speaks, but then opens them after each thing he says to smile at us and nod vigorously until we nod back our approval. I want to remember the following snippets of prayers from the last few weeks or so.

Almost every time Ethan says a prayer the first thing he is grateful for is "Boppa's House". He loves to see his grandparents!

We went to Lake Powell with my family in July (eventually I'll get around to posting some pictures from that trip...) and Ethan caught two fish with Grandpa's help. He still mentions that in his prayers frequently
Me: Thank Thee for...
Ethan: I catched TWO fishies! And Grandpa catched a snake. (Grandpa catching the rattlesnake is a story for another day).

Some friends of ours invited Ethan and Ellie to ride horses a couple of weeks ago. Ethan brings this up every chance he gets, even during prayers.

Me: Thank Thee for...
Ethan: I ride a horsie! TWO times! (He holds up his chubby little hand in an attempt to show just two fingers to emphasize his point.)

One day last week my mom took the kids to the zoo. Ethan was thrilled and has mentioned the zoo in his prayers every night since. The first night it went something like this:

Me: Thank Thee for...
...the zoo.
...bird show.
...elephants in the water.
...I wanna go to the zoo again. (after this one when I nodded at him, he said, "Yay!" as though I'd promised to take him again the next day).

Tonight for pizza and a movie night we watched a documentary about airplanes during WWII. After the show was over Jason showed the kids a picture of his Grandpa Hillman (we call him Grandpa Hoot) who was a gunner during the war. During his prayers this evening it was obvious that the talk had an effect on Ethan.

Me: Thank Thee for...
Ethan: Grandpa Hoot. He a good guy and had a "pew" (he calls guns "pews"; as in "pew-pew", the sound a gun makes).
Me: Thank Thee for...
Ethan: I wanna go to the zoo.


  1. I started looking for the 'like' button after I read this. Then I realized I actually have to type out a comment. Very cute, what a sweet boy he is!

  2. This is too cute! What priceless memories.

  3. Cute! I love that kid. I love how innocent their prayers are at this age. Cam usually prays to see daddy's helicopter.