Saturday, June 18, 2011

St. George

After Baby left, we took a last minute mini-vacation to St. George. It was wonderful to get away and reconnect as a family of 4 again. We spent a lot of time at the hotel pool and up Snow Canyon. It was a gorgeous weekend!

One of our favorite hikes was the Lava Overlook trail.

Just when the kids were "too tired to go any further", we arrived at a huge lava cave in the ground. We climbed down into the opening and went back into the cave a bit, just til it was too dark to see much of anything (note to self: next time take a flashlight).

Ellie and Ethan loved the Sand Dunes. The trail is very short and leads to paradise, at least for our kids. Soft, deep gorgeous sand. They'd have stayed there all day if not for their growling tummies. We actually went back to the Sand Dunes a second time and enjoyed tinfoil dinners in the picnic area (which we had completely to ourselves, by the way) and played in the sand some more. In my opinion Snow Canyon State Park is a little known southern Utah gem. I definitely prefer a small park like this to the much more crowded Zion National Park. We'll be going back again.

We had a blast at the sand it any wonder that Ethan came home with this much sand in his shoe?
Seriously. That's exactly what it looked like when we took his shoe off. How did all that sand fit in there with his chubby feet?

We also spent some time at the St. George Temple. We visited the grounds and went through the visitor center. I always love visiting temples, and St. George is one of my favorites.

We are so grateful for the time we had together. It's hard to explain the transition our family goes through as we add and then say goodbye to foster children that stay in our home. but over the past few weeks I feel like I'm getting to know my kids again, and they're more fun than ever.

Thanks to Emily for her St. George activity recommendations, we had a wonderful time!


  1. Sounds like we took the exact same vacation! Next time we'll have to go together!! There's a fun splash pad for the kids near the tabernacle ( also fun, but not as enjoyed by the kids as brigham young's winter home)

  2. I love St. George! I grew up there and Snow Canyon was our favorite place to go bike riding, hiking, repelling, etc. Glad you had a fun time as a family!