Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Man With a Plan

Ethan woke up early this morning, a man with a plan. He's our early riser, and ready to get moving as soon as he's up. He ate a bit of oatmeal, read a quick book with Daddy and then insisted on his shoes and hat. Then he headed out to the sandbox to get to work (still in his pajamas...)

I've come to love my few early-morning minutes with Ethan. We've started a ritual where I read him books as he eats a bowl of oatmeal. He needs to take a bite before I turn the page. I love to hear his little feet pattering around the quiet house as he looks for me. Once he finds me he'll whisper, "Mommy, I want ha-meow (oatmeal), books and milk, sheeee (please)? "

Once we have that time together, he's ready to run.

There's so much to do, and daylight is burning!
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