Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ellie wrote this story for a Mother's Day surprise for me (warning: spelling and punctuation not edited):


Once there was a castle and once there was a monster who was guarding a tower the monster was a bad one! he said DONT GO OUT OF HERE to the princess in the tower. She had blue eyes, and brown hair, and she was 29. She was very pretty. her name was Heidi and she had been in the tower since she was 4 wow! said the people in the village next to the tower. that's a big tower! and she needs to get resqued (rescued) with a prince and the most richest prince oooo now heres one prince Jason. He is 33 and has brown hair and eyes. he is the most rich person in the land. he rode a horse and killed the monster and they got themselfs out of there! and they lived happily ever after


I love my thoughtful, creative girl!
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