Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Ellie and Ethan made leprechaun traps the night before St. Patrick's Day. Ellie was convinced hers would catch a leprechaun this year. She put it right under our front window because "that's where the little guys always come in". Who knew?

Ethan spent his time building towers and then knocking them over. This is how his trap looked when he went to bed:
Ellie decided at the last minute to make a trap on Baby's behalf. She ripped a hole in a brown paper sack. Voila!

Unfortunately, they didn't catch a leprechaun. But he did leave a note and some candy. The note said:
To catch me you gave a good try.
I'm lucky I'm nimble and spry!
I barely got away.
I just wanted to say:
If you like yummy treats say "aye"!


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