Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Dad

My Dad just texted me and said: Heidi, three words "blog-up-date". So, this one's for you, Daddy. (And it's going to be quick 'cause I've got a teething 4 month old and a 6 year old in the middle of working on math)

I recently gave Ellie free reign to hang whatever she wants on her bedroom door. It seems like a good compromise since she's constantly asking to tape/pin drawings up on her walls but the cheap paint we have peels off no matter what tape we use. She took this to mean she could also decorate the rest of the bedroom doors. Here's what she put on the master bedroom door:

The sign says, "Goodnight. Love ya! Welcome Fellas!" I'm not really sure what she thinks happens after she goes to bed, apparently a party of some sort...

Ellie also recently borrowed a family of dolls from her Grandma Hillman for a couple of days. During quiet time one afternoon she gave them all casts on various body parts. If necessary they also got crutches. The casts were made from ripped up paper towels and tape. The crutches she made with popsicle sticks taped around the body of the doll.

She nursed all the dolls back to health rather quickly, I'm happy to report.

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We've been thoroughly loving the warm days. It seems like this was the longest, coldest winter I've ever experienced. Is that really true, or does it just seem that way because we were cooped up with a new little one all winter? Either way, I'm extremely glad Spring is on the way.

We still have a long road ahead, but we're optimistic about the possibility of Baby being ours forever. Please continue to pray for us!


  1. Oh my! Heidi, those kids get cuter every time I see them! I love the crutches, do you think you have a blooming nurse on your hands?

  2. Such cute kids! Ellie as always cracks me up.

  3. Oh man, that sign Ellie put on her door has me laughing so hard! Love it!