Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amelia and Roger

I was able to fly (thanks to Jason's frequent flyer miles) to California during the first week of March for my dear cousin's wedding. My mom, sister Nikki and brother drove out for the festivities, too. It was so fun to spend a couple of days before the wedding with Amelia, helping her check off her last pre-wedding to-do list items.

We steamed tablecloths, cooked 40 pounds of pasta, and set up dozens of tables, decorations, etc.

Amelia is a florist and talented flower-arranger, so she did all of her own flowers for the reception. She got a little emotional when it was time to make her own bouquet. Happy day! My mom and I even learned how to make a boutonniere (or rather, 17 of them), a skill that would have come in handy when I was in high school.

Their wedding day was beautiful! Roger picked Amelia up in this classy 1938 Something (I forgot what it's called...)

They were sealed in the gorgeous Newport Beach LDS Temple. The ceremony was lovely, and being in that sealing room reminded me so much of when Ethan was sealed to our family. It brought back the flood of emotions from that day, the gratitude and love and faith that my Father has a plan for me and my family. It also made me wish to be there someday soon with Baby (we've still got a long wait to see whether that will be possible).

Nikki and me waiting for the newlyweds to come out of the temple.

Roger and Amelia
March 4, 2011

Amelia and her parents (Linda and Jeff) and her Grandma.

Between the sealing and reception, my mom, sister, brother and I went to a couple of beaches. We happened to time things just right and came to one of their favorite tide pools at low tide.

We saw pelicans, starfish, mussels, anemones, hermit crabs and a guy we called "Steve". We met a nice fellow and his 2 kids who were exploring the tide pools as well. We didn't learn his actual name, but he looked like a "Steve" to us, so that's what we called him.

Steve showing us a starfish eating a delicious mussel lunch.
We visited a pier a few miles away. As we were looking out at the ocean, my mom started reading a sign about gray whales. She looked up at the water and spotted a pod not far from where we were standing.

I liked the way a man next to us pointed out the whales to his family. He said, "Do you see those dark things out there that you think are rocks? But they're moving around and they keep spraying water into the air? THOSE are the whales!"

It was a long day, but the bride was able to find a little time to put her feet up before the reception.

Somehow I missed getting a picture of myself with Amelia, but here's an old one:

I loved being away for a few days, but mostly I was grateful to be there for Amelia. We spent weeks together every summer, wrote letters back and forth for years (including during her LDS mission) and I love her dearly. I'm so happy for you, dear cousin!


  1. So fun reading all the cute posts and updates. That is nice you got to be at your cousin's wedding.

  2. "STEVE"!---I have missed him. :) Cute pictures Heidi, it was a fun time. In the picture of Nikki and Lizzy...I may be mistaken but it looks like they are "TOUCHING" the car. I hope I'm wrong about that. LOL.