Friday, February 18, 2011


Baby has had a cough for the past week or so. It suddenly got worse, and he could hardly catch his breath for about 45 minutes straight yesterday afternoon. And a couple times he coughed so hard he vomited explosively. I got him in to see our pediatrician and he's being treated for pertussis (aka whooping cough). He started on antibiotics yesterday and seems to be a bit better today. But, man, I hate having sick little ones! It seems Ethan may have it, too. Poor guy had a fever of 104+ two days ago and is coughing up a lung, too.

(By the way, how do you get this disease if you have up-to-date immunizations? I thought that was what we were trying to avoid...)

Thank you, thank you to sweet and thoughtful neighbors and family members (you know who you are!) that have helped us over the last couple of days.

ps- Not only do we have sickness in our home, but I'm sick about a stupid mistake I made. Somehow I lost an envelope full of cash. The last time I remember having it is when I put back our cart at the grocery store on Wednesday. I called the grocery store to see if anyone had found it (naturally, no one turned anything in). I tore the house apart yesterday looking for it, and it's just gone. Ugh! Don't worry, it wasn't so much money that we'll really be hurting. But it was enough to make me feel sick every time I remember that I did something so dumb.


  1. Curse that Dave Ramsey! ;)

    If you want to make yourself feel better just look at the post right below this one. It makes me laugh every time I look

  2. I am so sorry, it is so hard, especially when they all get sick. Ty tested positive for Whooping Cough last Friday and Wednesday I took him back in and it had turned into pneumonia. They gave him a z-pack and he is doing so much better. I hope both baby and E have a quick recovery.