Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Language Frustration

{this picture has nothing to do with anything}

Ethan has been speaking more and more clearly lately, except not always. The last few weeks he's been combining "no" and "yes". So I'll ask him a question and he'll answer, "Nawsh". I'll ask the same question again and he'll say, "Yo". This continues in an ever more frustrating circle until I finally guess whether he means no or yes and he throws a complete meltdown-tantrum. Here is an example that happened this evening. We were having spaghetti for dinner (one of his all-time favorites) and I asked if he wanted sauce on top (sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't).

Me: Ethan, do you want sauce on your pasta?
Ethan: Nawsh
Me: Ethan, do you want some of this sauce on your pasta?
Ethan: Yo-ssssh
Me: Sauce, on here? (pointing)
Ethan: Nooossssh
I decide it's safer to leave his pasta sauce-free and I set the bowl on the table in front of him. Immediately he throws his head back screaming "Sauce, SAUCE!"
Me: Ethan, do you want sauce on your pasta?
Ethan: YES!
I lovingly place a spoonful of sauce on his pasta (okay, maybe I'm a little frustrated at this point. Especially since this is the 15th time we've done something similar to this today).
Ethan: No sauce. NO SAUCE!
complete melt-down ensues...

2 year olds are so fun! (And I really mean than, for the most part.)
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  1. Oh that is totally frustrating. What's worse is when they can communicate but still manage to fall apart because they won't.

  2. Hey Heidi!

    So fun to see what you guys are up to!! How's the baby? Growing fast I'm sure!

    Hi to Ellie, Ethan and Jason from us all! So frustrating with Ethan having confused his no and yes':) Good luck! Think of you guys often!

    Take care!