Wednesday, February 9, 2011

But NOT on Wednesday

One of Ellie's favorite school activities lately is story starters. I'm sure you've seen them (or remember using them in school) before. Yesterday she wrote this story (click on the image to make it bigger):
Today I got a valentine from the president, and...
"It said to come to a Valentine's Day activity today, tomorrow the next day to! I wrote a letter back to him and it said I can come for a week but not Wednesday. Where is it? I went to the activity and stayed all week!!!!! But not Wednesday. The End."
Why was she unable to stay at the President's party on Wednesday you ask? We were able to have one of Jason's co-workers over for dinner on Saturday. She has been visiting from Sweden for the past 2 weeks. Ellie loved Lena and didn't want her to leave our house, so we made plans to see her again before she flies home on Friday. Ellie has been looking forward to lunch with Daddy and Lena for days. The lunch was scheduled for today (Wednesday), and Ellie wouldn't have missed it for anything...even a fancy week-long Valentine's day party at the White House.

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