Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We woke up to a beautiful tree on Christmas morning, something I was not sure would happen since we'd been in the midst of the dust and mess and chaos of a flooring project the entire week previous. Jason and I were able to get the house presentable enough to enjoy th holiday, and for that I am EXTREMELY grateful!

Ellie snuck in to look at the gifts before we were up, but this is Ethan's first peek.

He knew immediately that the bike was his, and was thrilled with it. He "rode" it around the house for a couple of days after Christmas, but we won't really get to enjoy it until the weather warms up. Soon, I hope! It's been SO cold.

Both big kids loved their pillow pets (or "illa-peh", as Ethan calls it) from Santa. They use them often to sit on for scriptures or storytime.

Ellie was overjoyed to get her very own portable CD player. She's listened to books on CD at every possible moment since she opened this gift.

We had a delicious Christmas lunch and celebration with our Kindlespire family that afternoon. It was a slow, meaningful day with family, the perfect Christmas in my book!

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