Thursday, January 20, 2011

Even more Toothless Wonder

I woke up at 2:00 this morning to a whisper, "Mom...Moooom!". I half-opened my eyes and Ellie was standing there smiling at me. "What do you need, Sweetie?," I mumbled. She just stood there silently smiling, and in the darkness I couldn't see her very well. Plus my eyes were closed. "What is it, Ellie?" She held out her hand like she was asking for me to give her something. "Can you please tell me what you want?" "Mom, my tooth came out!" Oh joyous day! She finally lost the tooth that had been hanging on for several weeks longer than it should have! She no longer looks "doofy" (Jason's words, not mine. But they are true).

The tooth fairy doesn't come right away if your tooth falls out in the middle of the night, as everyone knows. So she's waiting patiently for tonight. And she's only misplaced the tooth once so far today.

She looks darling with her toothless grin!
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  1. So fun. Brooklynn just finished reading Junie B- Toothless wonder. Ellie is so fun. We will have to have her over again soon.