Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On Sunday we celebrated Halloween, as well as a double 2-year-old birthday for Phoenix and Ethan with my family. Phoenix got very into blowing out the candles. We re-lit them at least 3 times for him. And he wouldn't blow them out unless we sang "Happy Birthday" first.

My dad made a "meat head" for dinner. It tasted delicious, but looking at it now makes me gag a little.
Oozy spider cake, which didn't ooze as well as planned.

Happy Halloween from Dorothy!

Ethan put up a HUGE fight when we first started trick-or-treating in the rain on Saturday night. He sat down on our neighbor's wet driveway and wouldn't budge. He quickly figured things out once I carried him to a house or two. When a door would open, Ellie would say "Trick or treat!" and Ethan would chime in ,"A treat!" He was very please with his bucket of loot. And after a cold, rainy trip around our block we were all happy to call it good and go back into the warm house.

Happy Halloween!


  1. The kids look awesome! I also miss your cakes. Maybe you could ship me one! :D

  2. You're kids always look so cute on Halloween! Yay, for warm houses on damp Halloweens :)