Monday, November 8, 2010

Ethan's Birthday

We celebrated Ethan's birthday a little late this year since Jason was out of town on the big day. Ethan's current obsessions are cars (he'll drive them back and forth--for hours at a time--across any flat surface he can find), animals (especially mamas with their babies), and smiley faces (he calls them "Happies").
On his actual birthday we had smiley face pancakes for breakfast.

I made this poster to hang up, but it was never actually put on the wall. Ethan couldn't wait to play with the cars as soon as he saw it.

I didn't plan on him using the poster as a road, but he loved it. He'd yell "Whoaaaa!" and make the cars go really fast around the curve of the 2. The lucky boy received cars, cars and more cars. Plus some animal mama and baby toys. He's been in heaven ever since!

Happy face cake.

Ethan's biggest trial in life right now is his eyelashes. Several times lately he's told me, "Eye...hurt". When I looked closer, several of his eyelashes (which were still attached) had curled under and were stuck to his eyeball. I'd like to feel bad for him, but really I'm jealous.

Look how long they are!

Happy Birthday, Peanut!


  1. Happy Birthday Ethan! You are so sweet. Cam sure has fun playing with you. Hope you had a great day.