Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Ellie

Here are some pictures of the festivities on Ellie's birthday. She woke up to a candy-bar poster.

And her reaction to the poster:

She stood there awestruck for a good 30 seconds. A poster full of treats! What could be better? It was a hit!

Her favorite gift (from us anyway) was a "lunch purse". She's been begging for a lunch box for years, so when I found this on clearance the night before her birthday I bought it as a $3 splurge. The best $3 I ever spent! She fills it with odds and ends and totes it around every day. We've used it for field trips and after-swimming-lesson snacks multiple times already.

For her birthday cake Ellie asked for a castle on a hill. She was thrilled with what I came up with.
Ellie has been making great progress in her swimming lately. It's so fun to watch her get into a sport I've loved ever since I can remember, and even before that. Maybe someday we'll be the first mother-daughter teammates in an Olympic relay. Dara Torres did pretty darn well at 40, why couldn't I? (Please don't crush my dream by mentioning the fact that she'd already been in 4 Olympic games before Bejing).

Our little girl is growing up and we're trying to enjoy every minute of it. She told me this morning (after eating a snack with a blanket over her head), " I left silliness behind when I was 5 years old. Sick-year-olds are not silly. (Pause...much giggling) I said SICK-year-olds!"

Yesterday Ellie told me she packed "just the essentials" into this bag. I couldn't wait til she went to sleep to sneak into her room, grab the bag and find out what was in it. "The essentials" includes: Pink Baby and a blanket, a pink pony, sunglasses, a doll vest, $6 of birthday money, and some stained glass crafts from her cousins. I can see how she wouldn't want to be without those things!

We love you, Miss Ellie. Will you please stay 6 forever?

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