Friday, October 22, 2010

Field Trip Friday-- Murray Park

I took the munchkins to Murray Park this morning for some leaf-collecting-park-playing-picnic-eating fun.

There were lots of crunchy leaves. Ethan ran back and forth in this spot, stomping on the leaves, for quite a while.

We filled our bags with beautiful fallen leaves which Ellie has big craft plans for over the next few days.

I got to show Ellie and Ethan one of my favorite childhood memories of fall. I remember going on hikes at this time of year. My dad would have us stand underneath a tree, he'd then go shake the trunk of the tree and the colorful leaves would flutter to the ground all around us. It seemed magical when I was a child. Watching Ellie's face while I did the same thing today was even better.

We love fall!

ps--We also saw a cat on a leash, which Ellie thought was hilarious.

1 comment:

  1. Cat on a leash. That would make me laugh too.

    I love the thought of standing under a tree while the leaves fall down around me. I may have to go find someones tree (since ours both died & we had to pull them out) & give it a shake.