Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is the Place--Fieldtrip Friday

One of our new favorite additions to our schedule is Fieldtrip Friday. I have a huge list of places to go (most of them in the Salt Lake valley, and most of them FREE) as part of our homeschool adventure. We've decided to check one off the list every week by having a fieldtrip every Friday. Our first trip was to This Is The Place Heritage Park. Jason's mom took us and we were able to see Mindy, Jane and Alice there as well. They have been volunteering there all summer, and we are so glad we got to see them on their last day!

Mindy and the kids get to dress up in cute period clothes and spend most of their time in the Charles Rich Home. As soon as Ellie saw Jane she started asking where we could go to get her pioneer outfit. Mindy was nice enough to let Ellie borrow her bonnet.

Plowing is hard work!

We visited the school house and Ellie learned how to write her name in the Deseret Alphabet.

We were lucky enough to go on a pretty un-crowded day and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't get pictures of everything, we also got to: ride a train (3 times!), pan for gold, trade our gold for treats at the bank, do leather work and make a dreamcatcher, and visit with a mountain man. Not bad!
We came home to make our traditional Friday night pizza and Ethan really wanted to "help". I guess he was a little hungry after our busy day. Every time I turned around he'd be picking off chunks of the pizza. If he wasn't so dang cute...

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  1. Fieldtrip Friday sounds so fun. Is there anyway you can email me your list of things to do. I am looking for ideas around UEA to visit, instead of going out of town.