Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Six Years Old

Today our Ellie is six years old. We've been teasing her the way my parents used to tease me (and, at the time, I swore I'd never do to my own children).

Us: Ellie, your birthday is coming up! How exciting!
Ellie: Yep! I'll be six!
Us: Sick? Oh, I hope you're not sick on your 5th birthday. That would be sad!
Ellie: No, I'll be SIX!
Us: I sure hope not! It would be so awful to be sick on such an important day. You only turn 5 once...

She only thinks its funny for a little while.

I can't believe my girl is so big!

This is how I want to remember her at this age: giggling over one of her favorite knock-knock jokes (the one she's told me for the 1000th time, but it's still hilarious to her).

She's growing unto a beautiful, helpful, loving, silly, smart (and learning to be more patient) girl.

Her list of favorites, as of today:
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite thing to do: color
Favorite book: Magic Tree House
Favorite move: Matilda
Favorite treat: Popsicle
Favorite toy: doll house
Favorite snack: cookie
Favorite subject in school: math
What do you want to be when you grow up: "Just a Mom"
Favorite restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes
Favorite thing to do outside: Play in the sandbox/ Ride bike
Coziest thing you can think of: my bed
Happiest thing you can think of: cousins
Fanciest thing you can think of: fancy scarves
Favorite thing to do with mom: read
Favorite thing to do with dad: go on hikes
Favorite thing to do with Ethan: color
Favorite food: egg salad sandwiches

We love you, Ellie!


  1. Happy Birthday Ellie!!! I loved reading all about you and think you are one very interesting and delightful individual!

  2. Happy Birthday Ellie!!! Brooklynn has been counting down the days to your birthday since you told her. She has a little something for you. We will have to bring it down in the next day or so. Hope you have a very special day. (and week since you guys get to have birthday weeks.)