Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waterton, Alberta

For one day on our Glacier trip we crossed the border into Alberta, Canada. What an amzingly beautiful area! Nikki has been there before with her soccer team so she showed us all the good places to visit.

First we made a stop in Cardston to see the LDS Temple there.

Then on to Waterton where we did a hike called the Bear's Hump to a spectacular view.

My cute Dad. It just wouldn't be camping if he didn't have that hat. Dad cooked all the food for the days we were together. Can't beat a camping trip with your own chef!

When we're hiking we're happy! Except for sometimes at the end when it gets really steep, then Ellie's not so happy. But getting to the top for a pretzel snack brings back her happy face.

If you want to get into Ethan's good graces compliment him on his hiking shoes. He adores them and wears them every day. It's a struggle to get them off for naps and bedtime. He calls them "Cool Shoes". And they really hurt when he tromps on your toes, as he does to me constantly throughout the day. (Once we got home we gave Ethan a much-needed haircut. He's not looking quite so scraggly now).

After our hike we had a picnic lunch and (guess what?) threw rocks in the water. I submit that we change the popular saying "like father, like son" to "like father, like son, like grandpa".

Like Father...
Jason brought a sling shot and "the boys" (mostly Jason and Mark, but sometimes they let the kids join in) played with it in various locations throughout the trip.

Like son...

like Grandpa.

My Dad brought some slings to chuck rocks with. It went really well aside from one incident that went exactly like this:

David, Heidi and Nikki were standing nearby watching Dad sling rocks (maybe a little too closely).

David: Dad's a really good rock flinger
Heidi: Yeah, until he kills one of us
(2 second pause)
David: Ow! Ow! Ow!
(hopping around and holding his shin where he'd just been hit by a rock)
Dad (unworried): Oops...sorry.

Luckily the injuries were not significant, just a bruise. But we all stepped back a little after that.

Katie and Ethan got to be good friends. Thanks to Katie for picking Glacier. What a great trip!

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  1. So cute, "Like Father, Like Son, Like Grandpa." These photos are amazing!