Saturday, August 21, 2010

Glacier National Park-- the first 2 days

For my sister Katie's high school graduation trip, my parents took us to Glacier National Park. Since we feel like we've had enough long driving days recently to last us a couple of years, we decided to leave a day early rather than drive all 10+ hours in one day. The first night we camped at Clark Canyon Reservoir near Dillon, Montana.

We camped right near the water and Jason found a great spot to scavenge some driftwood for our fire.

Ellie and Pink Baby waiting for the perfect mallow roasting coals.

Ethan and Teddy enjoying some warm milk.

The next morning Ellie found a piece of driftwood that she turned into her violin.

Of course Ethan needed a turn too.

We enjoyed a laid back morning exploring our campsite and the local area (pausing to throw rocks in the water often) and the rest of the family met us there for lunch. We continued the rest of the way to Glacier that afternoon.

Ethan had a breakdown during the last hour or so of the trip and Katie did a fantastic job of keeping him entertained. He wanted a "hat" like Ellie and loved listening to Katie's tunes. chocolate.

Glacier has some of the most breathtaking scenery I've ever seen.

Ellie and Cougar became Junior Rangers the first full day we were in the park. As usual, Ellie was too terrified to repeat the Junior Ranger Pledge, but they gave her the badge anyway. She wore it proudly.

Ethan spent quite a lot of the trip in this exact spot, driving his cars back and forth on the picnic table bench. He added the rocks for a more realistic driving experience, I assume.

Ellie, David and Cougar in their "sitting trees".

This post is getting long, so I think I'll break it up some. Stay tuned for more Glacier fun!

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