Monday, July 12, 2010

Toronto Temple

We visited the Toronto LDS temple on our last Sunday in Canada. This week marks the anniversary of Ethan's adoption and sealing, and what a fitting way to celebrate!

Ellie insisted on pretending that Jason and I were getting married. She took a bunch of pictures of us smooching on a bench by the temple. I'll spare you those!

This photo cracks me up. I love that Ethan seems to be checking Ellie's face to make sure he's smiling correctly.

The temple is gorgeous, and we are so glad we could spend some time on the grounds together. Ethan even learned how to say temple: "Tempo! Tempo!"


  1. What a beautiful temple! Your kids are just too cute!

  2. So cute. Looks like fun. Very neat that it happened to be for the sealing anniversary. We love celebrating Brooklynn's, great experience to never forget.