Saturday, July 24, 2010


Since we've been back from Canada, I've had a few people ask me what my favorite part of the trip was. We were able to see a lot of amazing places and learn about a different country. I loved that our family was able to spend so much time together and the strength we gained from that. The time off from heavy cooking/cleaning duties was really nice. But what I most enjoyed was the people. We were able to become close to three families in particular that we just fell in love with.

We were able to spend quite a bit of time with the Vargheses. They stayed in our hotel for a lot of the time we were there and were fantastic neighbors. Tell me you're not smitten with Baby Philip already! He (and his parents, of course) was so fun to be around. Ethan said, "Baby?" every time we saw them and Ellie loved to "help" Gretchen take care of him. Thanks for your patience, guys!

Philip and Matthew at Riverside Park.

We met the Mushka's in our Cambridge ward. Tia is an extremely talented artist and made my Canada trip souvenir (I'll post a picture of that when we hang it).

The Mushka's have kids right around Ellie's and Ethan's ages and invited us over to their house to play a few times while we were there. It seemed like such a luxury to have a backyard for kids to play in! One of our last nights in Cambridge they invited us over for our first ever Make Your Own Sushi night. I loved it (though I was pretty conservative with my ingredients and didn't include anything raw)! Ellie and Jason were adventurous and tried it but were not as enthusiastic as I was. It's not for everyone, I suppose.

They came to our hotel to say goodbye on our last day. The kids all had room to jump on Ellie's king-sized bed for one last hurrah.

Jamie, Erin and Kate stayed in our hotel for several weeks while their home was having some renovations done. They live less than a mile from the hotel, so we were still able to see them often after they left. Ellie and Kate played together really well and Ethan was always extremely excited to see Kate, too. After a while they started giving hugs and kisses when it was time to go.

We were able to do a little hiking with Erin and Kate and went to story time at the local library with them, and Gretchen and Philip, several times.

How blessed we were to meet such amazing people! And how grateful I am for technology so we can easily keep in touch!

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