Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Royal Ontario Museum

After the CN Tower on Saturday we visited the Royal Ontario Museum. Actually, after the CN Tower we got lost, walked around downtown for a while, discovered that Ethan had lost a shoe somewhere along the way and then found the Royal Ontario Museum only to have to wait for a very long parade of cyclists protesting the lack of bike lanes to pass before we could cross the street. THEN we went to the museum. We were too busy to take many pictures, but the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Ellie's favorite spot, not surprisingly, was the medieval dress-ups.

Ethan would do a funny robot-like dance every time he moved beads on the abacus. We have no idea where he got it, but it was hilarious.

Playing in the sand is always a hit with Ellie.

We got highly over-priced treats afterward, but it was totally worth it!

Can you imagine saying, "Sorry, sweetie. You can't have a popsicle." to this face?
Neither could we.

A good sign that your 18 month old had a great time:

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